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hate seeing bitch used in an insulting manner 

like oh you acting non passive must be a bitch




when you’re younger, being smart and being able to pass classes easily without studying is not a good thing

because then when you hit a point where you do have to study for classes, you have no idea how to study

And then you end up sitting staring at your book for 2 hours thinking to yourself: Maybe if I sleep on it some sort of book osmosis will occur and I’ll absorb the information from my book into my mind

And then you cry.

this feeling is too real for me not to reblog this was my second to last sem and i wanted to die slowly

part of me hopes 50 flops so i wont have to see another twilight-esque franchise but with middle aged women. ohhhhh

today was all bad some lady cut me off so horribly that i was contemplating following her just to fuck up her car as soon as she got out 

i met some pro israel sympathizers today.

shit was unreal

hey i have 5 outta these
theres a store in santa cruz that sells socks like these
but 85 dollars for socks was both joyous and miserable 

She sees. She saves.  OM TARE TU TARE TURE SOHA 
if you expect honesty, be honest. if you expect forgiveness, forgive. if you expect a whole person, you have to be a whole person.

I think about some of the shit I say out loud and im like why

thank god I got awesome friends