Where are YOU from?

3 years ago | 05:27pm
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  1. pythios answered: Rochester, NY originally… Now Brooklyn
  2. love4mamaearth answered: a little country by italy called Bosnia as well as outer space
  3. folketymology answered: Chicago.
  4. di-atom answered: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada :)
  5. esdrujulasmuertas answered: México
  6. deermoon answered: australia
  7. scrapsandleaves answered: Fresno girl. No way though, Sac? Half the Persians I know live there. Cute city!
  8. enteejameela answered: cleveland, ohio
  9. bibingkagirl answered: PHILIPPINES.
  10. cosmic-soulflower answered: Petalum, Ca/ Elizabethton, Tn
  11. icraveknowledge answered: Houston, TX
  12. ketendrix answered: Maracaibo - Venezuela <1<2<3
  13. angryt33n answered: santa rosa, california :D
  14. mamasass answered: sacramento tooo :)
  15. aepocrypha answered: wellington new zealand :)
  16. sadurday answered: little rock arkansas kill me now
  17. krida-fahlo answered: tallahassee, fl. the only good thing is the beach. & those aren’t so special.
  18. murdermetonymy answered: yr in sac too? I just moved here from Oakland…but I grew up in LA and Irvine. maybe i’ll run into you at famous kabob lol
  19. letsowlgetalong answered: Calgary Alberta, also called cow town… haha
  20. starsandstripesforever answered: Small town Oregon.
  21. self-loathiing answered: Canada!
  22. bomfunktrevally answered: new zealand :)
  23. contraceptives answered: socal ~*~*
  24. ocelott answered: New York City :3
  25. pondofblazinglilies answered: Florida.
  26. midnightlaughs answered: Los Angeles :>
  27. bohemianromance answered: Costa Rica! :)
  28. ommloveee answered: bronx ny
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